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– From Zero to First Draft in 8 Weeks (April 2024) –


(October 2023)

I really enjoyed Dave’s course and found it very productive.  Every week Dave reads and gives individual feedback on what you’ve done.  It’s like having a writing partner with tons of experience, making you face things that you might otherwise gloss over, offering constructive suggestions, and occasionally administering a small pat on the back.  It’s the guide, philosopher and friend of sitcom courses.  – William Van Dyck (Winner 2021 Pozzitive Sitcom Script Competition)

A brilliant introduction to comedy scriptwriting for novelists who want to make the switch – Jessica Adams (Author Single White Email, Tom Dick and Debbie Harry; Editor Girls’ Night In)

This course has been a wonderful inroad into a field I’d always wanted to enter but was never sure how to go about it. Thank you so much for all of it –James Allen

The notes are great, and it has given me a lot to think about. The blogs are easy to understand, even though some of the ideas are quite complex. I would definitely recommend it. – Jacqueline Davies

We’re going to write the first draft of a sitcom or comedy drama in EIGHT WEEKS.

Every week you email me the work you’ve done. Every week I email back with thoughts and notes about how best to continue.

You might not finish it… But you’ll have experienced writing to a deadline, and if you want to be a professional writer that’s a vital skill to learn.

You might finish it and never wish to show it to anyone… Okay, but you’ve proved to yourself that you can write a sitcom episode in a reasonable time-frame. Your next one will be easier and should be better.

You might think it’s quite good, but not good enough… That’s okay, you’ll have time to improve it ahead of the Writersroom deadline.

You might think it’s brilliant… You’ll still need to rewrite it. Nobody’s first draft is ever that good.

  • WEEK ZERO I’ll send you details of how we’re going to operate every week.
  • WEEKS 1-8  We start with the idea. Then the characters. Then the stories. Then the outline. You build your episode from nothing into a first draft script. At the end of week 8 we’ll discuss ideas for what you should do next with your script.


Course price is £299.

More praise for Build A Sitcom

I’m stunned at the depth of your notes and the speed at which you return them. Your feedback is always fair and when I read your notes each week, I find myself nodding in agreement. I’d recommend the course to anyone wanting to write a sitcom from scratch, whether or not they have writing experience. Basically, signing up to this course was the best decision I made all lockdown! – Eleanor Hayward

I’ve loved the course so far. I’m finding the specific notes on homework extremely helpful, and that they’re in addition to the general notes and general instructions is really good. You’re a supportive teacher and in my experience at least half of this writing game is confidence and you encourage us to push on.  – Fiona Faith Ross

Being taken step by step, to tight time frames, has given a brilliant insight into the process and how difficult it is. If anyone was thinking of trying their hand at Sitcom writing, they would do well to try your course. – Lee Dixon

Working through lockdown was the most stressful time of my career. Having this sitcom to do in down time gave me an escape, I didn’t burden my family with work and the deadlines kept my mind occupied so thank you, if this course achieved nothing else it got me through covid – Steven Mucklow


2 Dave and Dan’s (and Ellie’s) Topical Comedy Writing Course

October 2023

…The course was excellent!!! – putting aside the credits on Breaking The News which was an unexpected bonus, I really learnt about crafting jokes and the routine of producing them  Joanne Cunningham

There are many ways to start making a living at comedy writing, but nothing gets you noticed faster than being able to write topical jokes.

Top writers including Simon Blackwell (Veep, Back, Private Life of David Copperfield), Mark Burton (Madagascar, Wallace & Gromit) and Georgia Pritchett (Succession, The Thick Of It) all began their careers this way.

Over the last couple of years a number of great opportunities have opened for new writers. Breaking The News, BBC Scotland’s topical show that runs for 30 weeks a year is now open for material from writers with no previous credits.

And fabulous, multi-award winning The Skewer will be on Radio 4 for at least 15 weeks a year. Here’s what producer, creator and all-round topical comedy genius Jon Holmes has to say: “Nothing has made me prouder than being able to bring new writers into comedy.”


Send them to us ahead of the deadline and we’ll give you feedback about how to make them a better fit for the shows.

And we’ll be there, week in week out, to make sure you keep coming back with more. 

“Work ethic is something I’ve struggled with in the past. I was a massive procrastinator. Doing the course with you both taught me that the only way to get on is to just f**king do it and put the work in. Which sounds silly but by doing that, I got the most fun out of it too!”  Duncan Ladkin

Be warned – it’s a lot of work! But the credits are worth it. For Breaking The News, you’ll want to have time available between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. And The Skewer will eat into chunks of your weekend. We’re looking at a period of around six weeks from the middle of October to the end of November,

Dan Sweryt has become a regular contributor to both shows. When he first heard The Skewer he couldn’t imagine he could write for it, but, he says “You can! Also it’s multiple award-winning and who doesn’t  want to write for a multiple award-winning show?”

Dave Cohen has spent nearly four decades at the topical comedy coalface. He’s written for Have I Got News For You, Spitting Image, News Quiz, Dead Ringers and co-created and wrote more than 50 episodes of 15 Minute Musical.

Eleanor Hayward took Dave and Dan’s course in 2021. After scoring a string of credits herself, she’s helping us bring new writers forward.

“It was absolutely brilliant in every way. I ended up with writing credits on two shows which was a huge confidence boost and gave my writing career a valuable breakthrough. Worth the money many times over. Plus they were super supportive and encouraging, and gave really useful expert feedback. Your gag writing will improve whatever level you’re at. Fantastic and highly recommended.” Alice Bright (credited on both shows)

You don’t have to be a news nerd, but it helps. While that matters, the most important skills are learning how to get into THE ROUTINE and THE HABIT of writing topical. And how to REWRITE your jokes.

Interested? £99 inclusive. This is a small course so places are strictly limited.

We recommend you only try for ONE SHOW AT A TIME: Breaking The News OR The Skewer. Trying to write for both is possible but spreads your writing time too thin. If you’re confident you have the time and energy to try both drop us a line funnyup02@gmail.com

“The course and feedback on gags has been brilliant” Uttom Chowdhury (credited on both shows)

3. The Joy of Sketch (Writing)

“Dave knows his onions. He can probably write jokes about onions. And they’ll have you crying with laughter (don’t worry he didn’t write that one).” – Lee Mack

If you want to become a great comedy writer the best way to learn is to write sketches – loads of them. Coming in 2023 – this brilliant new course from Dave that tells you everything you need to know about sketch writing.

“Really valuable… I understand that writing them is like practising scales to be a brilliant pianist. I now feel much more confident about spotting a solid idea and being able to execute it through to that golden second twist. It was great to be in a class with like-minded people, thrashing out ideas and learning from each other’s work. I highly recommend the course.” – Eleanor Hayward

Classes are all run online – Mondays in January.

630-730pm GMT Monday 9, 16, 23 and 30 October

“Enjoyed your class completely. For the four weeks it ran, I had a fabulous time thinking up sketches. If you do some other course or class, I would love to participate.” – Rachel Pine

It’s £99 all in for the four sessions. Book as soon as possible, as places are strictly limited.