How To Write A Funny Novel coming September 2024

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Would you like to bring some humour to your novel? There are a thousand ways to do it

1 Why wouldn’t you? The most successful series of all time is about a boy who does magic but how successful would Harry Potter have been without Nearly Headless Nick, Madam Hooch and Harry’s delivery to the Dursleys courtesy of a giant on a motor bike?

2 I don’t think I’m funny If you can write, you can write funny. I never thought I was any good at conveying a sense of place, so I sat down and learned how. I’ll never be as good as Rose Tremain but I’m already better than I used to be.

3 I’m terrified Comedy is subjective, we all worry that we’ll try and fail, and look stupid. I get that. But I’ve also learned to get over it.

4 There is NO FICTION GENRE that can’t be helped by adding a touch of comedy Stephen King thrillers, Gillian Flynn mysteries, Mark Billingham’s crime fiction, all benefit from moments of humour that add light and shade to their dark tales.

I have four decades’ experience writing comedy for BBC TV, the movies and now novels. Since 2006 I’ve been teaching everyone from the best to the newest.

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I can’t make you a funny person but I can show you how to include humour without compromising your fiction.