What do I want to write?

Want to write narrative comedy? There are many paths, my friend/

Big Comedy Conference Just Got BIGGER

Exciting news – the much-cancelled BCG Pro Big Comedy Conference has finally slain the mighty Covid dragon and is using St George’s Day weekend to celebrate a return to real life networking for comedy writers. And there’s an extra bonus if you live near London or are planning to stay overnight – a Sunday session where …

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2023 The Year Of Writing Topically

There are many ways to start your career as a comedy writer, but nothing gets you noticed faster than being able to write topical jokes for the radio.


Sitcom Geeks is 200 episodes old

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Every story has a “Call to action”, an “All is lost” moment. What’s in between?

Any Questions?

All your competition questions answered here…

The loneliness of the long suffering writer

No matter where you are on the career ladder, there’s always someone doing better than you.

I mean even JK Rowling probably sold less books than Dan Brown last year. She must be furious.

Think of a writer who’s more successful than you. Not difficult is it?