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Dave knows his onions. Can probably write jokes about onions. They’ll have you crying with laughter (it’s ok he didn’t write that one)”  Lee Mack “Utterly indispensable” British Comedy Guide

Dave has spent four decades as a working comic, broadcaster, BBC TV writer, and novelist, winning 8 BAFTAs for his Horrible Histories songs. He is one of the most respected teachers of comedy writing in the UK. 

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About Dave Cohen

Writer, comedian, Edinburgh Festival Perrier Award nominee, founder member of the Comedy Store Players, Dave has been a constant presence on the British comedy scene for more than 35 years.

He – okay let’s drop the pretence that someone else is writing this. It’s me, Dave. I’ve written for some of the most successful TV shows including Have I Got News For You, Spitting Image, BBC sitcoms Not Going Out and My Family, and dozens of radio shows including News Quiz, Dead Ringers, Sunday Format and the award-winning 15 Minute Musical, which I co-created.

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Regular listeners to self publishing podcasts will know that for your novel to stand a chance of succeeding it requires a gripping story, compelling characters, snappy dialogue, a world for the reader to escape to. Plus a great title, professional cover, creative marketing – oh and ideally you’ll have at

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Can You Write A Script in 8 Weeks? Yes!

Since lockdown I’ve been running a series of courses designed to help you speed from nought to first draft. To write a sitcom in eight weeks flat. I’ve run this course eight times now and have been amazed at the response. Initially thought hardly anyone would get there. In the

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The Four Hour Voice

We’ve talked a lot on the podcast over the years about finding your writer’s voice. How difficult it is to know how to do that, or indeed what it actually is. Recently there’s been a fantastic course on this exact topic. It’s the kind of thing you’d normally have to

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Big Comedy Conference Just Got BIGGER

Exciting news – the much-cancelled BCG Pro Big Comedy Conference has finally slain the mighty Covid dragon and is using St George’s Day weekend to celebrate a return to real life networking for comedy writers. And there’s an extra bonus if you live near London or are planning to stay overnight

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