"Dave knows his onions. Can probably write jokes about onions. They'll have you crying with laughter (it's ok he didn't write that one)"  Lee Mack 


Comedian, broadcaster, BBC TV writer, and novelist, 8 times BAFTA winner for his Horrible Histories songs – Dave is one of the most respected teachers of comedy writing in the UK. 

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About Dave Cohen

Comedian, broadcaster, BBC TV writer, 8 times BAFTA winner for his Horrible Histories songs – Dave is one of the most respected teachers of comedy writing in the UK. 

He has written several books packed with fun and tips for writing great comedy including The Complete Comedy Writer, Build A Script and Ready, Steady, Joke!

In 2021 he published his first novel Stand Up, Barry Goldman  -“funny and fascinating, a lovely tale” Jo Brand. Book Two – Barry Goldman: The Wilderness Years – is out now. The final book in the trilogy will be published November 2025.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to wait too long for Dave’s next book. How To Write A Funny Novel is out this September.


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Myrrhy Christmas Everyone

I hadn’t intended to end the year with a Final Flourish and a Big Gesture but the decision to take my teaching and comedy chat off Twitter happened to coincide with a few other plans that mean it makes no sense to stay. I still call it Twitter. This isn’t

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Regular listeners to self publishing podcasts will know that for your novel to stand a chance of succeeding it requires a gripping story, compelling characters, snappy dialogue, a world for the reader to escape to. Plus a great title, professional cover, creative marketing – oh and ideally you’ll have at

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Can You Write A Script in 8 Weeks? Yes!

Since lockdown I’ve been running a series of courses designed to help you speed from nought to first draft. To write a sitcom in eight weeks flat. I’ve run this course ten times now and have been amazed at the response. Initially thought hardly anyone would get there. In the

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The Four Hour Voice

We’ve talked a lot on the podcast over the years about finding your writer’s voice. How difficult it is to know how to do that, or indeed what it actually is. Recently there’s been a fantastic course on this exact topic. It’s the kind of thing you’d normally have to

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